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(Photo in the header: model house, Stockholm)

Latest news

Update November 29, 2018:

Finally! My Christmas EP "New Christmas" is now released and available in most online music stores - and also here on my website!

Update June 30, 2018:

The work on my upcoming Christmas EP is about to take full speed, already now! I need to get going, if I'm to be sure to have it finished in time for Christmas and solve the puzzle with musicians etc. So, I'm currently having a crowdfunding campaign, and I'll be ever so grateful for all the support I can get! Here is the link: My Kickstarter crowdfunding project

Update November 4, 2017: The new version of my old song "Violin Girl" is now released and available here on the website, and - if not now, then any day now - on Spotify, iTunes, and many more places. Also available as a YouTube movie: https://youtu.be/ZFi3HuwNOEk

Update September 16, 2017: My song "Hate Must Never Win", written after the terror attack in Stockholm on April 7, is finally recorded and released! Available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. Sadly, the topic seems to be always current... with new terror attacks all over Europe ever so often... as I write this, I'm thinking about the attack in the London subway yesterday, and it's not the first time for London... when will it end???

Update April 27, 2017:

"Joy That Stays" finally approved, and ready to be sent out to you who sign up for my mailing list! It will also be released to digital stores soon - but it's yours for free if you only sign up...
Update April 21, 2017:
New gig booked for September 14!
Update April 17th, 2017
At last: my song "Joy That Stays" is ready for final mixing and then release!
Confirmed gig: May 4th at Vasatorget Café in Stockholm!

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