Marianne started to play the violin at age 10, and took violin lessons until the age of 16. After that followed a few years when she maintained her violin playing in a fiddlers' team, until she put it totally aside to focus on singing. In 1995, though, she ran into her childhood violin teacher, who convinced her to start again and even lent her one of his violins until she could buy one of her own. Sadly, in 2000 she suffered a hearing injury with accompanying sound sensitivity and tinnitus, and in 2005 she therefore changed from the violin to the darker and more pleasing sounding viola. She played the viola then until 2011 until she had to quit totally. In November, 2016, her former violin teacher passed away, and that plus better hearing aids made her decide to try the violin again and realize the dream of getting an electric violin. In the spring of 2017 she started taking violin lessons again, and also bought an acoustic violin.

Marianne was a member of Kristinehamns Stråkorkester (Kristinehamn String Orchestra) between 1996 and 2007, during which years she alternated playing the 1st and 2nd violin until 2005, from when she played the viola. And both during her childhood and teen years, and as an adult, she has played in fiddlers' teams. Among her solo gigs should be mentioned two Persian weddings in 2010 and 2011, where her repertory included a couple of Persian wedding / love songs!

Currently she's looking for a piano accompanist and a small ensemble or group to play with, and is available for gigs and studio work.

Here are two sound files of Marianne's violin playing:

Medley: Shall I Compare Thee (N. Lindberg) - Idyll (T. Aulin)

Medley: Andakten - Garbergskärringen (Swedish folk tunes)

Photo: Christa Wolf

Photo: Christa Wolf